1. Application for a permit for the commercial transfer or the private handling/trading of particularly hazardous chemical products.pdf
  2. Application for a permit to keep, breed, transfer, sell or receive pets (not dogs or cats) on a commercial basis or on a substantial scale for boarding or feeding.pdf
  3. Application for approval of expert in ventilation (pdf).pdf
  4. Application for approval of facilities for showing_exhibiting animals (pdf).pdf
  5. Application for building permit (pdf).pdf
  6. Application for keeping horses on a commercial basis.pdf
  7. Application for keeping animals within an area covered by detailed planning (pdf).pdf
  8. Application for keeping cats on a commercial basis.pdf
  9. Application for keeping dogs on a commercial basis.pdf
  10. Application for permit for explosive products (pdf).pdf
  11. Application for permit for handling inflammable goods (pdf).pdf
  12. Application for permit to arrange combat sports matches for a s.pdf
  13. Application for temporary sales_renting of market stall (pdf).pdf
  14. Application for the serving of alcoholic beverages (pdf).pdf
  15. Application of authorisation as vehicle_car breaker (pdf).pdf
  16. Application of sales of tabacco products (pdf).pdf
  17. Application or permit to arrange combat sports matches (pdf).pdf
  18. Documentation of risk classification.pdf
  19. Notification about operations with swimingpool, etc (pdf).pdf
  20. Notification concering operations involving hygienic treatment (pdf).pdf
  21. Notification of catering premises, flavouring of spirits and notification of tasting arrangements.pdf
  22. Notification of environmentally hazardous operations (pdf).pdf
  23. Notification of inspection of circus animals entering the country (pdf).pdf
  24. Notification of registration of food facility (pdf).pdf
  25. Notification of sales and serving of beer over 2,25% by volume (_Folköl_) (pdf).pdf
  26. Notification of temporary exhibition of species of animals living in.pdf
  27. Operations permit for the exhibition of species of wild animals in zoos.pdf
  28. Operations permit for the preparing of species of animals living in the wild and plants growing wild.pdf
  29. Operations permit for trading in species of wild animals living in the wild.pdf